PTSD Book For Sale $150

Handbook of Post-Traumatic Therapy, Edited by Mary Beth Williams and John F. Sommer, Jr., © 1994

The book is a collection of topics written by 37 psychologists and psychologists specializing in what has now been recognized as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Chapters include diagnosis, treatment of children and families, treatment of survivers of violence and abuse, treatment of survivors of war treatment of victims of ethnocultural and political problems, treatment of disaster victims, various types of treatments, trends and development.

The book was printed in hard-cover only. Retail price was $222 and the number of new copies is probably limited now. Pristine condition. No dust cover was ever printed.

This copy was signed and given to me by the editor with her hand-wrtten note thanking me for compiling the collection of articles and preparing a digital file for the printing company. Most of the articles were written on various word-processing systems, including Mac (which was not compatible with business computers at that time and needed to be converted and re-formatted. Some day it could be a collectors' item.