Publishing now encompasses print and digital production. Progress has eliminated the typesetting craft, but also has reduced the cost and turnaround time in printing newsletters, magazines and books.

Internet Publishing

Calvert-County: internet magazine of features and events in Calvert County, Maryland

Hypocrisy Today: 15 years of observations of political, religious, cultural hypocrisy in America.

E-Books for Sale

Out-of-Print Books Scanned and Formatted Into PDF E-Books

These books would disappear forever if the Library of Congress and Project Gutenberg were not hard at work digitalizing them as e-books. The Printer's Devil has preserved these two out-of-print collectors' books.

It Can't Happen Here Almost 70 years ago, Sinclair Lewis (author of Elmer Gantry, Mainstreet, Babbit...) wrote about how American democracy allowed a despot to take over the United States government, rescind the Constitution, and establish martial law. Sound familiar?

Self-Published E-Books

Lucky's Tale (Not Just Another Dog Story) A short story about an extraordinary black Labrador Retriever.

Letters from the Belgian Congo In 1954, the author, went to the colonial Belgian Congo as a missionary for the Methodist Church and spent the next 20 years teaching African women home economics, nutrition, hygiene, child care, and leadership. She was fluent in French, Otetela, Swahili, and Lingala. She wrote home economics and leadership text books in Otetela. Most significantly, she taught the women and girls how to pass along their knowledge and to teach others.

Five Pieces of History From the OSS to the CIA, Robert Coffin was an instructor of fine art at Ohio State University when the United States entered World War II. He was drafted into Wild Bill Donovan's Office of Strategic Services along with a diverse crew of other men and women with special talents and expertise. He remained in the service after the war when the OSS evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency by Act of Congress. These are his experiences, photographs, and observations of the operations in which he participated from the Quebec Conference to the war in Vietnam. Mr. Coffin died on June 27, 2000 at the age of 87, but he was able to complete this book and see it in its present form. The complete work, including photographs, is available as an e-book.

Hard Cover Books

Limited Edition, apparently out of print, this copy only. Handbook of Post-Traumatic Therapy, Edited by Mary Beth Williams and John F. Sommer, Jr., 1994

The book is a collection of topics written by 37 psychologists and psychologists specializing in what has now been recognized as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Chapters include diagnosis, treatment of children and families, treatment of survivers of violence and abuse, treatment of survivors of war, ... More


printer's devil (n. 1763): an apprentice in a print shop. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary). A printer's devil did all those nasty jobs of setting type, running the press, putting foundry type back in the cases, cleaning up the messy press. In the 21st Century, The Printer's Devil still does all the work.